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Scholarship Uploads Page

Instructions–Please **READ!!**

Click the browse files link to upload recommendation letters, certificate of blindness, or scanned transcripts. You can repeat the process to a maximum of 15 files. Then, include your name, your email, and a message containing the file names and a brief description of the contents, ie, certificate.doc certification of blindness. DrBell.docx–a recommendation letter from Dr. Bell, etc. To ensure the authenticity of the files, it is better to submit scanned images as opposed to text versions.

The file types we accept are:

  • .doc;
  • .docx;
  • .gif;
  • .jpeg;
  • .jpg;
  • pdf;
  • and

  • .png.

If you get the dreaded “one or more fields contain an error, try again” message, and you know you’ve included your name and email, then go back to the the browse file link and look for any error messages–the most likely cause is that you’ve selected a disallowed file type. You may also check the number of files that are cued to be sent, ie, you’ll see 1/15 and the filenames.