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Art Parlor for May 2024 🎙️

Hello, everyone, and welcome to this month’s edition of The Art Parlor!


This month, we welcome author Elizabeth Sammons to the Art Parlor. She eloquently describes many aspects of her life and the myriad experiences that lead her to write her book, “The Lyra and the Cross”. You can find out more about Elizabeth’s book here and also, listen to her play the lyra, an ancient, Greek harp.


Art Parlor can be heard on ACB Media 1 Sundays at 8AM, Mondays at 12AM and 12PM, Tuesdays at 7AM, Wednesdays at 7PM, Thursdays at 4AM and 4PM, and Fridays at 3AM, 8AM, and 3PM (all times Eastern). Or ask your echo device to: Ask ACB Media to Play 1. You can also call 518–906–1820 at the times listed above.

Art Parlor is also available any time as a podcast! You can search for our podcast in your podcast app of choice, listen with your Amazon Echo devices by asking to play the Art Parlor podcast, or use your web browser to view the episodes. If you need the RSS link for your podcast app, it is:




Thank you for your support and enjoy the show!

Art Parlor is produced by FIA board member, Jason Castonguay.  Thank you, Jason for all you do for Friends in Art.




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